Digiwav 2075

I am interested in the 2075 Digiwav antenna and hope someone here may help answers my questions. The antenna is small but has a 70 mile rating, is UHF and VHF capable. I need to stick with the more compact antennas. I have an antennas direct C-4 which is a UHF antenna in my area, It was rated at up to 65 miles and does pick up UHF signals good most days at 60 miles at 900 to 1000 kw. I would like to try for VHF also at about 60 miles and 11 to 25 kw. (7-10) The antenna would be mounted outdoors. Would the digiwav 2075 be as UHF capable as the C-4 and still pick up a few VHF stations?
Thank You
We would need to see you TV FOOL report to make a good recommendation for your situation. (Your address will not be displayed)

At 60 miles, 11kw & sometimes 25kw on VHF can be a challenge with anything less than a real VHF antenna.
My tower will not accommodate both the C-4 and C-5 antennas. I could put up a new tower like some of my neighbors but this may only get one or two VHF stations that I would like with little or no improvement on UHF. We are stuck with the signals that do get here (weather interference UHF,signal corruption VHF) along with a hill and power transmission line.