Dingell Upset at Genachowski for FCC Secrecy


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From The Article:

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) is hopping mad that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has refused to send to Capitol Hill the Commission’s analysis of the National Broadband Plan and its impact on free and local television viewers. The veteran congressman had requested the analysis in June and Genachowski refused the request the beginning of this month.

The veteran congressman, in a new letter dated August 16th, called Genachowski’s refusal to comply with his request “deeply troubling.”..

..."With this in mind, I will oppose granting the Commission statutory authority to conduct such auctions that does not include explicit and fair protections for broadcasters,”
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"The less the unwashed masses know about our sausage-making activities, the better."
~Julius Genachowsk, Head FCC sausage maker.

Not really, but that's what's really going on.

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From the article:

"If the FCC has evidence proving that NAB's analysis is incorrect, it should make it available, and quickly.”
If the FCC has evidence that NAB's analysis IS correct, it should make it available, and quickly.

Kudos to Rep. John Dingell. It seems they don't want to reveal the facts to him AND to us. Is this a cover-up?
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