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I have heard bad things about UverseTV, DirectTV WAS great. I have had directTV since 1994, and the whole time, it was paid, by direct draft from my checking account. AT&T takes over, and they canceled my direct draft, not saying a word to me about it. Then, under the cover of darkness, they shut my TV off. Never once did I get a message, saying my account was over due, they just did it. Then they wanted me to pay over $800.00 to have it turned back on. I live off compensation, for injuries I received while on active duty, so I am rated at over 160% service connected, disabled veteran, in a housebound status. TV is all I have for entertainment. To top that off, three years ago, they ran a fiber optic cable in front of my house, killing several bushes in the process. But, to this day, I do not have internet service available at my house. I'm stuck in the 20th century, where I live. And they are building houses around my area, that start at $500,000.00. There are two houses next to me (all houses sit on a min. of three acres. But two houses past my house, is a 2500 acre state park on one side of the road, and some land Barron owned all the property on the other side of the road. Making it not cost effective to hook me up, even if the cable is in my front yard. Also have a Wi-Fi pole that is about 1/2 a mile away. But due to the hilly terrain, I can't get a signal. The house across the street from my house, gets a reception from the Wi-Fi pole, so a repeater would bounce it over to my house. They also will not put a repeater up, not cost effective. There are nineteen people who get service off this Wi-Fi pole, you would thing they would be begging for more people. I pay the same in taxes as everyone else, so it should be a no trainer in bouncing the signal. My problem is, both my city council members have internet, the mayor works for AT&T, so they can care less if we have it, since they do have it. AT&T has gone from bad, to just plane SUCKS!?

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