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I am a loyal At&t customer for over 20 years and they have always corrected the issues or problems over the years until now. I got numerous emails and brochure in the mailed with 2 different 800 numbers to call to sign up for Direct TV and you would receive a $200 Direct TV Visa Rebate card. Once my service was activated I had 90 days to submit for the rebate. My service was activated on Nov. 21, 2016. So I clicked on the link in my email and logged into my Direct TV account and click on the rebate submit and was told that I was not eligible for any rebates at this time. So they had the frequently asked questions and it had one that some rewards didn't need to be submitted they are automatic. But there was an 800 number listed so I called. I spoke to a guy from Direct TV and he said that the only way I could get this $200 Visa reward card was to call Direct TV directly since At&t doesn't have the promotion code to enter into the work order! I was furious because the email and mailed brochure were both from At&t! The number I had called to sign up was from the mailed brochure which when calling it an At&t representative answered. I had spoke with them to sign up. I then called the one in the email and an Direct TV representative answered. I then turned around and called the At&t number in the mailed brochure! The person I spoke to was very polite and after numerous times being put on hold so she could look into the matter!! She came back and said since the person who took my order had not annotated the $200 Direct TV Visa reward card in the work order there was nothing she could do!! I was so furious and then told this person when I was asking questions about Direct TV before signing up I brought this up about how to file for the rebate for the $200 Direct TV Visa card and she said I just had to go into my Direct TV account after my service was activated! At&t bought Direct TV and should be honoring this offer no matter how a person signs up. This is not the way to start a relationship with confusion in advertise a special which the customer feelings like they have been baited and thinking they were getting this $200 Visa reward card. Then the switch comes into play where both companies are pointing the finger at each other why the customer isn't getting what was advertised!! Buyer beware when signing up for this deal ! Both At&t and Direct TV need to resolve this advertising with their sales representative and make sure the customer is not holding the short end of this stick because at the end of the day all these loyal customer are why you get paid at the end of the week!!

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