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My sister has direct TV and an older tv and has to use a digital converter box to get local channels news etc. She would like to be able to use her vcr to record programs. How does she hook up all three components (1) cable box (2) digital converter box (3) vcr to her TV so she will be able to record shows? Thank you in advance!
So does she want to be able to record from the cable box or the converter box?

She'll be able to do it but it'll only be one or the other, not at the same time.


This setup will allow you to watch or record either antenna TV or satellite TV channels, but not watch/record two different sources simultaneously. The VCR remote will be used to switch between satellite or antenna converter box viewing / recording.

1. From the converter box, connect the "Out to TV" jack to the VCR's "Antenna IN" jack, using a short piece of screw-on coax cable.

2. From the satellite box, connect red-white-yellow Audio/Video cables from the "Audio/Video OUT" jacks to the red, white yellow "Audio/Video (aka LINE) IN" jacks on the VCR.

3. Using another set of red-white-yellow Audio/Video cables, connect the VCR's "Audio/Video (aka LINE) OUT" Jacks to the red-white-yellow "Audio/Video (aka LINE) IN" jacks on the back of the TV.

4. Put the TV on LINE IN aka AUX or A/V input, using a "AV, VIDEO, AUX" button on the TVs remote control or via channel up/down buttons. The TV must be tuned to the aux line input at all times.

5. To watch or record antenna TV, put the VCR on channel 3.

6. To watch or record satellite TV, put the VCR on "LINE" "A/V" or "AUX" input using the VCR's remote.

7. Channel selection is done via either the satellite box or converter box.

8. To watch a VCR tape with this setup, simply hit Play on the VCR.

NOTE: The VCR must be on at all times while watching TV.

Red-white-yellow Audio/Video cables are available at walmart, kmart, radio shack or other big box stores.
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