Direct TV Complaint


Can someone explain to me why Direct TV wont sell me two new HD DVR's? They say that I am over my limit? We bought 4 during the last 12 months or so because we were upgrading our old ones and a couple had had tech issues. We have a large house with 6 TV's ( a crime of some sort apparently ). Is there a shortage of DVR's in the world I am not aware of? I tried like crazy to get a supervisor, named Chelsea, to explain to me why Direct TV will not take my money for a product I want to purchase. All I got was " are over your limit..." repeated to me several times. What limit??
If I ran my business like this, I would not be around for very long. We have been with this company 14 years, yes that's right, 14 years! I have sent an e mail trying to get clarification on this issue, but I'm sure that has entered some cyber black hole...what has happened to customer service these days? Is Dish any better? There obviously needs to be more competition in this market. Sorry for the soapbox but I'm so frustrated and I just don't understand a company that refuses to take my money for a product I want to purchase.
That is absolutely crazy that they won't sell it to you. It's not like you aren't paying for it. I would maybe try back again and see if you can get a different supervisor and maybe threaten to switch companies.
Here I can understand the problem. But You have to inform your technician about the dish and about the channels you need. Which is reliable to you and valuable.


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