Direct TV Current Promotions

Currently Direct TV is offering special promotions that will end in 12 hours. If you want such promotions or want to see which deals are just for the day than visit DIRECT TV Deals | Call 1-800-786-6131 now! . All candidates who sign up with qualifying packages will receive such deal as a $100 prepaid visa card and 3 months worth of free HBO, Cinemax, ShowTime and Stars. Normally channels like that are very expensive or a little costly because those channels are so popular and demanding. The different packages are $24.99/mo. with 130 Digital Channels for 12 months after instant savings with a 24 month agreement. That's without internet, with internet that package would be $59.98.Also known as the Select package. For the Entertainment package it's $29.99/mo. 140 channels, with internet $64.98. The Choice package is $34.99/mo. , 150 channels , with internet 69.98. An Extra package is $39.99/mo. for 205 channel and to add internet is $74.98, all together, not additional. Ultimate packages are $44.99 for 225 channel and $79.98 all together to add internet. Finally there is the Premier , which has 285 channels included for $92.99, but to have internet it's $127.98 total. According to Direct TV the most popular package would be the Ultimate package. If you want to purchase the Genie HD DVR recorder box, one can record approximately 5 shows at one time. These are some good deal and can't be taken for granted . So, your the satelite type of individual contact Direct TV or visit their website as soon as possible.
Thanks PecolaR! I was able to use this on the phone today with AT&T to get them to drop both the family's mobile bill payment per month as well as our current U-Verse/Internet package :) Momma and I are happy, but I have my ROKU testing coming up in March to see if I can get most of her shows on there and OTA up next!
You're most certainly welcome. I am glad that my post was able to help you. Those are really some good deals. I currently have Time Warner Cable and is seriously thinking about switching over to Direct TV. I like the deals they advertise over Time Warner Cable. Maybe it's because I had this Cable company for years and after while this company has gotten annoying. As long as you keep a smile on momma's face that's all that matters. Mothers are very happy and she is blessed to have a son who loves her so much and is probably taking good care of her.
We switched from Time Warner Cable to DirecTV and we love it. I do love the promotions that they offer. We did switch to Time Warner for the internet but we still kept DirecTV.