Direct TV Discontinue Service - DirecTV

I just got off the phone with a representative and told them that I was planning on discontinuing my service due to not being able to authorize an event because of a past due balance which i plan to pay 4 days before service interruption. I have never in my long history of being a Direct TV customer been so amazed that I was not offered anything. My contract was up on 03MAY2016 and usually I am offered a new package deal and to reinstate my contract for doing so. None of that was even offered. I am now planing on discontinuing my service once i have a zero balance. In my many years of being with Direct TV and AT&T I am very dissapointed with the customer service as I guess either business is so good or it is not what it used to be.

My question is for being a customer for many years why is it that no offer was introduced to me and by me saying I am discontinuing my service that there was no loyalty anymore??

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