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I am a retired At&T employee and live in Las Vegas. We can not get U-Verse here. Currently have Direct TV which is expensive. I keep hearing that Retirees will be getting a discount. The dates that this is supposed to happen, keep changing form 3rd quarter to now I am hearing January 2017. Does anyone know when this is going to happen? And about how much discount we are supposed to get? I was hanging in there to find out because I am thinking about switching to some-one else because my monthly bill is insane and I do not even have any premium channels. I hate to do that because I have always been with At&t since day one with all my services, but my bill is getting ridiculous.

This question, "Direct TV Discount," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Discount available

log into There is a 20% discount for retirees. I had mine installed last week

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