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Ok, I canceled DTV some months ago and still have the dish on the roof. They put it completly in the wrong place when they installed it, North end of the house. Exactly opposite where I and common sense would tell you. (Pedro, I guess, couldn't read the explicit written instuctions I left with my wife while I was at work!)

So now its summer and time to remove it. I want to move it to the proper location to mount my OTA antenna. Its a tripod mount and I think it will work fine with a short mast.

So, anyone have any experience removing one of these? Any tips or sugesstions? It looks like I will have to pull the screws and then replace the shingles under it. I could just seal the holes, but its a brand new house - and I have the shingles.

Has anyone mounted an OTA antenna on one of these tripods, and how well does it work?

Thanks in advance.

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I would use their mount for my OTA if you don't need it very high. The j-pipe they mount the dish itself onto, can be reversed and often works better that way for OTA mounted to a satellite j-pipe mount. You can even buy a longer j-pipe at Solid Signal, by buying an entire mount. Though you only need the j-pipe it's the only way it comes and not expensive ($20 range). The longest one I have seen for sale on the net was 39 inches. Winegard DS-3000 39" J-Mount for DBS Satellite Dish / Outdoor TV Antenna (DS3000) - Winegard - DS-3000 -

J-pipe satellite mounts can often be had for free at the dump, off someone's house (with their permission, lol) and in my opinion work just as well and much cheaper than a tripod. A tripod should not have more than 5 ft mast in it un-guyed and a long j-pipe will get you 3 feet off the roof with less metal under the antenna than a tripod. The are great if you have an end gable house as they can be bolted to the wall on the side of the house facing the station. But I only suggest j-pipe on small antennas.
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I believe what I have is properly a J-pipe, not a tripod. I'm gonna give it a try. My antenna has worked fine all winter in the attic, but with the leaves on the trees across the street, I sometimes get a degraded signal.

So, any suggestions for the use of that old dish? I mean, other than a birdbath, or solar cooker?
Let the kids use it for a snow sled.

The larger dishes such as the D* 5-LNB units utilize a J-mount with a set of braces that makes the mount somewhat resemble a tripod. Perhaps that is what you have.

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