Direct Tv HD service by two dishes

My home is located among many trees. I currently have direct tv on sat. 101. I was going to upgrade to HD, but the technician could not hit sat. 101 and the hd sat. at the same time. He could hit one or the other. I have tried to find out if I could use my original dish to hit one sat. and a second dish to hit the hd sat. No one at direct tv could give me a good technical reason other than not practical. Has anyone ran across this situation and knows a solution.

Thank You


If you can see the 101°, the HD sats 2° away (at 99° & 103°) can usually be seen, too. Unless your tree situation is really really tight.

I would get a second opinion, if possible. Call the sat company and ask them to send out a different tech. The contract installers get paid very very little for their work and it's quite possible the guy wrote you off so he wouldn't have to do the job. Especially if his work load is huge. It happens all the time.