I have had uverse now for almost 3 years... I would have had it sooner but couldn't due to my location. When I first acquired uverse TV and Internet it was TV best service I have ever had well beyond Brighthouse but ever since ATT took on direct tv service, customer service has gone completely downhill. I have never once in 3 years had a issue with my service until they brought on direct TV. In the past 3 months my bill has gone up $75 a month, my internet is so slow it can't even connect to my cell phone, and my tv stops every 15-20 minutes due to loss of signal. For someone who pays just shy of $4,000 for one cell phone and tv and internet (basic may I add you with no movie channels) it has gotten to be obsurd with many ATT employees (some who have even come to my door telling my I am way over paying and give me a number to call only to tell me there is nothing they can do). ATT no longer cares about customers they have had for many years and there only solution is for me to switch to direct TV. After much hesitation and persuasion I thought "hey let's give it a try" set up the appointment to only be told "sorry, no can do because of your tree". So after only giving me one solution of down grading my service ATT now has nothing. Way below average customer service (give or take one or two employees who wanted to help but it was beyond there abilities). ATT retention center has no help and horrible customer service. I was promised 48 hours ago a manager would call me about my situation but I am glad I did not hold my breath. ATT I am so disappointed I can't even put into words. I have spoke so highly for many of years for a company I was happy to pay more and invest in and I am sad to say you are no longer that.

This question, "DIRECT TV IS NOT THE ANSWER!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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