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Nightmare experience switching from Uvers to Direct TV
Hopefully you have not switch over. We made the switch to Direct TV in September after a customer service rep sold me on Direct TV as the best thing ever and the process, customer service and the access have been horrible since the beginning.

1. They nickel and dime you for everything.
Uvers fee wireless installation
Direct TV $95.00 plus monthly fee

Uvers added new lines free
Direct TV wanted to charge $150 to fix lines(and the previous owner had Direct TV so they are charging me for their mistakes)

Uvers rep made sure to pick up everything
Direct Tv left the wall installation with writing on the wall and side ways.

Uvers rep walked me through the changes and checked all services to make sure everything worked correctly
Direct TV asked me for a form of payment after installation.

2. My bill has been mishandled one moth they charged only $30 next month $300.00 next month the overcharged again and this month they tried to fix it but same outcome.

3. Every time you have an issue they pass the puck to some one else. Not a Uvers issue let me connect you to Direct TV. I have talked to 25 service reps in the past 4 months. 7 years with U-vers and I spoke to maybe 5.

4. Take TV with you only if you combine your bills. Separate bills and you have to create separate acounts. They have separated my bill twice and both times I have to create a new account. Update all my apps logging information. Take me longer to update than to actually watch TV.

We had Time warner prior to Uvers and this experience with Direct TV is worst than Time warner. Now I am stuck in a stupid contract and have to pay a fee to change back to Uvers.


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