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I was quoted $89.99 for direct tv and uverse internet but after signing up with them I was billed $166 per month and att won't honor the price I was quoted! I have called several times spending hours each call without getting anywhere! They transfer me over and over att blaming direct tv and direct tv blaming att but everyone telling me they can't fix the price and now I'm locked in to a 2year contract and if I cancel I will still have to pay several hundred dollars. This is so frustrating because I have been with att as a wireless customer for 15 years and they have upset me so bad over this that I'm soon to be cancelling everything including my wireless. Stay away from att and direct tv at all cost!!!!! They lie,cheat and steal!!!

This question, "Direct tv quoted me a price and then charged me almost double that price!!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Yeah, you have to be real carefull with all of these company's. I'm currently a Directv customer using Xfinity for my net. I'm now looking to move everything to AT&T, but the online prices are for new customers only. Instead of the $100 per month I saw on their website, it's really $160mo before taxes. LOL.

If you can document the price switch, I'd tell them you're dropping everything for another provider. See if that moves them to change. If not, Fight their collection attempts and attach your docs to your credit report showing the fraud.
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