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So I was told if I got direct tv I would get
Unlimited data
a samsung tv 43"
$300 gift card
a $40 credit every month for the first year

Of course I went for this deal. 5 minutes after they arrived I was told there were too many trees in my yard. I called and cancelled everything.
2 weeks later I received a bill for $355 now even if I got the direct tv this shouldnt have been my bill. So I called was told I have to talk to unified billing then spent 2 hours hearing why I owed the money. Total of 4 hours couldnt take it anymore hung up tried again the next day. 3 more hours and nothing accomplished. Next day I took a new angle I wanted all the free stuff since all the charges were still in place this worked after 3 more hours my bill went back to $153. 12 hours I was devasted.
4 weeks later the exact same thing happened again and no one could even see how we fixed it the day before over 20 hours on the phone and 6 months later I am still being asked if I have direct tv are you f'n kidding me.
Third month yes you guessed it, I got the $355 bill again oh and during all this my phone was shut off 3 times, my daughter was on a school trip and had no phone service. This is unforgiveable
If I get a AT&T bill for $355 and I have to talk to unified billing because they paid AT&T my bill they should atleast be able to figure out it was cancelled 12 hours after it was set up

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