Direct vs. Dish - I don't agree with this!


The Mod Squad
There is a link on DirecTV's web site comparing HD channel counts that is not quite right. It shows that Dish provides the big 4 networks in HD in the east ONLY. Actually you don't get them from Dish but using your Dish equipment, you get both the east & west feeds from All American Direct. It also says Dish counts the part pime HD RSN's. Dish doesn't need to if you count the HD movie offerings you can download from a very extensive library available online if your DVR is hooked to a broadband connection. That puts Dish way over 200 channels in my opinion. And Direct states to get the movies I am talking about you need a sling loaded DVR. NOT. They are available on any ViP series DVR.

If Direct wants to talk about comparing itself to Dish, they should get their fact straight.

See the Direct page I am talking about here.

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