Directtv app - DirecTV

I have been a direct tv customer since March 2016, I loaded the directtv app on my iphone and Ipad and I was able to watch live tv until June 2016. Over the the 4 months I have made several phones calls to tech support for a resolutions. I have removed and re-installed the app over 10 times and with no success the app does not work. The last tech support agent I was on the phone with over 2 hours with no resolution. I was told my issue would be escalated and I would be contacted via email. As of today I have not heard from anyone and I still can't access the app. I would cancel my service if I was not under contract.

It is so frustating that after 4 months and over 10 phones call the app still does not work and I have not heard from anyone. The only phone call I receive is when my bill is past due, you want to get paid but no one will resolve my issue.


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