DirectTV Billing/Auto draft - DirecTV

I have been paying for my DirectTV since 1994, and my payment were taken out of my checking account. I am a 100%, service connected, disabled veteran, and all my bills are paid that way, as spend a lot of time in the hospital, and don't want to worry about paying my bills. Then AT&T comes along, CANCELED MY DIRECT DRAFT, and never told me about it. I never got a nasty gram, telling me that my bill is past due. Yet, my TV was shut off, during the night. I spent several hours on the phone, as they wanted me to pay over $800.00, past due. That is a hard pill to swallow, when you live off a fixed income from the veterans administration. Then I asked for copies of my bills that were not paid, and you wanted me to pay $5.00, per page, for copies of my bills. Are you nuts or what. So I had to go to the library, and print them up there. I put $5.00 in the printer machine, and got change back. And you wanted me to pay $5.00 per page. For well over twenty years, I have never missed a payment, nor have I ever been late. Why did AT&T stop my auto draft payments? How hard is it to tell a person that their account is past due? Any late fees, should be paid by AT&T, since they are the one who stopped my auto draft. Now it appears that you are bundling my DirectTV with my cellphone that I purchased. Only problem is, when I purchased the phone, I signed up for auto draft, to pay my cellphone bills, and it looks like I have not missed or been late on my cellphone bill. With your bundling, you are wanting me to pay for my cellphone bill twice. I NEVER ONCE ASKED YOU TO BUNDLE ANYTHING. PLUSE, it took me five different phone calls, each over two hours long. I finally got my auto draft put back in action, but you claim that I can't pay my bill from my checking account, you want a debit/credit card to bill. What is the difference, they both come out of my checking account. I have never had so much trouble in my life, until I came across AT&T billing office. You are about ready to have my DirectTV account closed. In addition, you ran a fiber optic cable under ground, right in front of my house, killing seven bushes I had just planted. Yet, I can't get internet access at my house. Every sales rep. try to tell me it is available at my house. Five different times, someone was supposed to come to my house, and five different times, you pull a no show. When I call to ask what happened to the guy, you then tell me it is not available at my house. What a waste of time. You SUCK!

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