DirectTV Remote Control Channel Guide Options - DirecTV

I'm not currently a DirectTV subscriber but I'm thinking about switching from Dish and I have a question about Channel Guide options that hopefully someone can answer.

Out of the box when you press the guide button on your remote control, Dish Network gives you the option to display "All Channels" or "All HD Channels". In addition, Dish allows you to create your own channel guide that is displayed automatically when you press the Guide button on your remote control. In this self-created channel guide that Dish allows you to create, you can select those channels that you watch and exclude the channels that you don't watch (i.e. Music, shopping, religion, foreign language, etc.) so when you press the guide button it only shows you the channels you have an interest in watching. At your descretion, you can still temporarily switch from your personalized channel guide to the out of the box channel guides and view those guides instead but by design, if you press the channel guide button on your remote you will only see the channels make up your personalized channel guide.

So my question is this...... Does DirectTV have an option to create your own personalized channel guide and if so, is it automatically displayed whenever you press the guide button on your remote control?

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