DirecTV 3D Receiver


Does anyone know which receivers and or DVRs can get 3D movies and sports right now with DirecTV? We just bought a 3D HDTV last week and want to try it out. We have the DirecTV DVR, not the Genie but the older one.


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The HR HD DVR 21 or newer are capable of viewing 3D channels with a 3D HDTV.

For HD Receivers, the H21 or newer can view 3D content on a 3DHDTV.

You must update to the latest software though.

Most of their receivers upgrade automatically too, if you have everything connected right.
Al thought it's not ready just YET....and they've said they WILL NOT commit full time to it.......Netflix has some 3D titles coming down the line...until then I'll just purchase me a few titels here and there 3D is a Bust (sorry but people should LIE to u about it)