DirecTV - A Look at the Latest HD DVRs, Set-Top Boxes, and the "Nomad"

Being the largest satellite TV service provider in the world, DirecTV offers 285+ digital program channels and up to 170 HD channels with an HD set-top box or DVR.

Below you will find the latest news and technologies offered by DirecTV in HD set-top boxes and HD DVRs. DTVUSAForum has also posted a recent comparison of DirecTV vs Dish Network, and an update on the latest DirecTV apps.
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Latest DirecTV HD Set-Top Boxes

Set-top-boxes are the standard device with which customers must use to view channels (HD or standard) on DirecTV.

DirecTV categorizes its set-top boxes with the letter "H" followed by the number. The higher the number, the newest set-top box that is out on the market.

Today, you can find the DirecTV H24 set-top box as the latest offering from DirecTV. It has MPEG-4 and allows for 3D technology as you will get the best picture and sound quality that you want. Just make sure and check out the packaging details, because several retailers do not include the B-band converters, which you will have to purchase separately.

Latest DirecTV HD DVRs

A DVR, digital video recorder, allows you to record your favorite shows if you are not home, or if you want to watch a different show while recording another show on television.

Brand new for 2012 (and released in October), the Genie is the newest DVR from DirecTV to replace older HD DVRs such as the DirecTV HR20.

With features such as being able to record up to 5 shows at one tim and storage of up to 1 TB, the Genie HD DVR offers much more than the HR24 and TiVo units still offered in DirecTVs lineup.

(Also, see Dish Network Hopper Vs DirecTV Genie for additional info)

Watch content from your DVR on your iPhone?

View attachment 2049 Yes it's possible now with the DirecTV Nomad. The Nomad is a small, portable device which stores up to 16GB worth of programming from a connected DVR and let you watch all of your favorite recorded shows on your tablet device, cell phone, PC laptop or Mac laptop.

How does it work? Record a movie on your DVR, download the DirecTV nomad app on your mobile device, let the DirecTV nomad sync the movie from your DVR to your mobile device. Then watch the movie while on the go.

Currently, the DirecTV nomad is priced at $149 and is only available for the PC laptop, Mac laptop, and iPhone. But the company plans to roll out the app for the iPad and Android devices in the near future.


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