Evaluation: Directv always testing my box, asking a fee for their services


I've been a subscriber of DIRECTV for almost 6 years and my problem about my connection which is always testing my box then aquiring info from the sattelite and ect. starting to p#*&Z me. My problem started months ago can't even remember when, called the custumer service and pass me to the technical people and they ask me to unplug, reset a button and ect. but did not help. It would be okay if it only shuts off once a day but to do it evry 10, 5 minutes and sometimes successively really upsetting. Called the custumer service again and as usual pass to the technical department and to my surprise they told me that my box is bad and so I told them to please send me another box but was told to pay for the shipping and this really-really pi@#$ me. Right now I'm looking to go for another company who protect their subscriber.Think twice or more before subscribing to Directv


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OP would probably get better answers in the proper section of the forum.

However: Dish and direct both have issues, some the same and some different. but as far as customer service, two peas in a pod.

It may be your dish has moved out of alignment - very possible after 6 years.

It may also be your reciever, but both companies have a nasty habit of resetting your contract when you replace or upgrade equipment. Just a heads up!

As a Dish installer said to me years ago... "D* loves their new customers, but old customers, not so much."
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