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When our uverse contract was up, I called AT&T to see what our options were. I was given the DirecTV bundle with AT&T Internet. Two months down the road, we have figured out that we are being auto-billed by AT&T and receiving DirecTV bills in the mail, with two different account numbers for a single service -- and, both at a higher rate than what we signed up for.

On Friday, I attempted to contact customer service. About a half hour into the first two calls, I was disconnected each time. The third time, I was being transferred to another customer service area "that could help me" after explaining myself yet again, the call was disconnected. When I called back the fourth time, the representative refused to transfer my call and insisted he could help me. After the fourth time explaining my situation, he attempted to transfer me but could not find anyone available to help me.

With a temporary resolution, the customer service rep gave me a "credit" of $25 for the current month and told me to continue to pay both bills as the issue would not be able to be resolved for 12-14 weeks.

What kind of company can set up two accounts for one service, both at higher rates, and insist that the customer is wrong and has to pay double until the company can figure it out? Terrible, terrible customer service.

I'm writing here because I cannot find an email or feedback form.

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