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One year ago I left DIRECTV for a competitor. After numerous mailings and offers of $300 gift card to come back, I bit on the offer. I paid a $200 cancellation fee with other provider, but figured it would be ok as the gift card would cover. When I signed up, I asked about the card and was told I would receive after I had 3 months of service. Nothing came. I called and was told I couldn't receive as I didn't complete the on-line form in the first 45 days. No one advised me of that nor did I receive any data regarding that condition. After some terse words, I was transferred to another rep. I was told they don't do $300 gift cards, despite me saying I had the mailing saying so. They would process a $200 gift card and I would receive in a couple of weeks. Nothing. I called back 4 weeks later and after being transferred a couple of times and told I did not have a gift card nor was I eligible, I was given a different number to call. I was told the gift card was in process and it would take at least 4 weeks, no more than 8 weeks. I would receive by 10/16/16. Still nothing. What a scam! I had intended to move my high speed internet, phone, and wireless to bundle when I received the card, but I am so glad I didn't. There were some inconveniences, but I had always found DIRECTV to have great customer service. Since the AT&T acquisition, the customer service is awful. Buyer beware as AT&T lacks integrity and does not honor their promotions. I imagine they do this figuring most people will forget or get frustrated and give up.

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