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This is a rather long story, but the background is pertinent to the situation that has now presented itself. We switched from DISH to DirecTV back in May, with installation being in June. At the time there was a promotion that if you switched to DirecTV and bundled everything through AT&T a VISA card would be issued. At the time of sign up, which I did in person, nothing was ever mentioned about needing to call a Rewards Center or anything else. I had noticed in August that we had still not received a card so I reached out to AT&T again and they said to continue to wait, that sometimes it takes a while for the rebate cards to be sent out. Yesterday, I was cleaning out paperwork, and realized we had still not received anythin regarding the $200 VISA card we were promised for switching. I called AT&T yesterday, who gave me a number to DirecTV, who gave me a number back to AT&T Rewards. Of course, AT&T rewards was closed on a Sunday, so I waited til this morning to call. I waited on hold for over 40 minutes, the woman told me there was nothing she could do, and transferred me to DirecTV. DirecTV said it was an AT&T problem and attempted to give me another number to call, so I asked ot speak with a supervisor, as I was tired of being transferred/calling around everywhere. I called AT&T rewards back and asked to speak with a manager. She told me there was nothing they could do because the reward is is now expired and the most they could do was give me a credit through DirecTV, and attempted to transfer me back. I never spoke with DirecTV, because I had been on the phone for an extremely long time and I have two small children that I needed to attend to. As a customer, I did what I was told to do. I trusted that the right thing would be done. As a customer, I am the one who came up taken advantage of. I did not receive my $200 VISA card, and the credit is not really helpful at this point. The VISA card was supposed to help with our cancellation fees through DISH, as well as other fees associated with that. So, as the customer, we gave you our business in good faith, ended up paying a lot more because of the additional costs of switching, and you as the service provider never came through on your end of the deal. I am very frustrated with this process and will not recommend this service to anyone. The customer service I have received up to this point has been anything but helpful, transferring me around and giving me multiple multiple numbers to call over and over again. No one is owning up to the problem, and no one is willing to give us what we are due.

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