DirecTV and Viasat Bundle



So I went ahead an got the directv bundle for under $100 as advertised. The directv installer comes in and does his job. the next day the internet/phone service provider Viasat installs the Internet but tells me that the area I live in does not allow phone service. I recieve the bill, I am charged $86 per month for directv and Viasat is charging $60 a month for Internet with NO phone.

I tried cancelling directv and viasat but they have those grimy cancelation fees that i am unwilling to pay. They are charging me more than was advertised With NO phone service. They didn't explain any of the charges when I signed up, and I signed up for 3 services but ended up getting only 2. I am beyond pissed and I just want this to be over with.

What am I to do? I am lost and need help.