DIRECTV app for iPad2 is not programmed correctly for appple devices? - DirecTV HDTV

DIRECTV app for iPad2 is not programmed correctly for appple devices?, I first had the iPhone 4s and the old DIRECTV app worked fine. But after upgrading to the new iPhone6 and ipad2, I had to download the new app since the old app wouldn't work with the new devices. I soon learned I could not even log onto the app, and after countless attempts and changing passwords, I called support and no one their could find any solution after giving them the error codes from my iPad2, where I was supposed to get a call back and that call never came. I later downloaded the DIRECTV app for kids and found I could log onto this app fine with the same acct. info and watch live streaming video. That's when I realized it was nothing wrong with my devices or my acct. info. It was the app where I think the software developers did not write the program correctly to function on Apple's newest devices and this half wrote, no good app was just pushed out the door with no real checks on functionality across all platforms. Not sure how this happens, but then all apps or constantly being upgraded to fix problems the developers didn't catch the first time so hopefully enough revisions will take place and I can one day actually log onto the app to record and/or watch live streaming content.

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