Directv App - ios - cannot schedule live sports broadcasts with app - DirecTV

Every time I try to schedule a recording for a live sports broadcast, the app won't work. Let me explain. I am trying to schedule a live hockey game on Prime (693) for today at 4:30PM. Ducks @ Canadians. I browse by channel, then select to record. The only thing that comes up is for the replay at 11:00 PM, not the live game. So this has been happening with any live game I try to record. If I sit at home and program it, it does work, but that is not the point. I cannot schedule out on the road. I have already tried to delete the app, reinstall, nothing works. So basically, since all I use this for is this, this is worthless to me. Hopefully Tech support can shed some light on why this is happening, and provide a fix. Previous version used to work.

This question, "Directv App - ios - cannot schedule live sports broadcasts with app," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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