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Hi there,
I just recently got DIRECTV at my home. I downloaded the app 3 weeks ago and it worked perfectly for the first week. Then one day as I opened the app it just got stuck on the black screen with att logo and directv in white color.
I have an iPhone 7 and had iOS 10.2.1.
I deleted the app and re downloaded.... app opens, says initializing, then says logging in, and then gets stuck on the black screen with the logo again. It doesnt go to login screen.
I updated my iPhone software to 10.3.1 and deleted the app and downloaded it again... same issue.
Called DIRECTV technical support and they said they know about it and they will fix it on the update. The App was updated yesterday but still the same problem.
Then I tried downloading the app on my parent's phone and it worked perfectly and then my sister's and worked again.
So I thought maybe it's my iPhone.
I called Apple and they asked me to reset all my settings. I did and deleted the app again and downloaded it again and same problem. They ran a diagnostic on my phone and no problems were found.
Apple suggested to write to the app developer and I'm hoping someone can help me resolve this issue.
One of the reasons I got DIRECTV was for their great live streaming compare to my
U-verse app which was terrible to watch live TV.
The first week using DIRECTV app was fantastic...
I hope you can help me.

Best regards,

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