DirecTV Apps for Mobile Devices

The DIRECTV mobile apps, "DIRECTV Everywhere," allow DIRECTV customers to access their accounts via mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, Android powered phones, the Blackberry Touch, the Windows 7 Phone, the Blackberry, the Palm. and the Kindle Fire. DIRECTV's mobile apps are simply an extension of their at-home services and are meant to be used both on the go and in the home.

Live Streaming: Tv Shows, Movies, and More

The DIRECTV app offers tv shows, movies, and other entertainment like concerts from HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, Encore, and DIRECTV Cinema on iPhone and Android phones. Viewing a program using the DIRECTV Everywhere app will not interfere with any other DIRECTV programming in your home: For example, You can watch two different channels, one on your mobile device using DIRECTV Everywhere and another on your home television, at the same time. At this time, only iPhones and Android phones are capable of live streaming this DIRECTV content, however all other devices that are compatible with the DIRECTV app can still use the other features of the app.

Set DVR From Anywhere

The DIRECTV Everywhere app allows users to set their DVRs from anywhere. If you forgot to set the DVR for a must-watch movie, simply access the DIRECTV Everywhere app on your mobile device and set the DVR for the program you want. It automatically takes immediate effect and will be applied to your account. The programs that were recorded on DVR can then be accessed through both your home DIRECTV system and the DIRECTV Everywhere app.

NFL Sunday Ticket Max and NFL Sunday Ticket

Both the NFL Sunday Ticket Max and the NFL Sunday Ticket programs can be accessed via the DIRECTV Everywhere app once purchased. The NFL Sunday Ticket allows viewing of all the NFL games both at home and on your mobile device through DIRECTV Everywhere, while the NFL Sunday Ticket Max allows access to all the NFL games along with access to the DIRECTV RED ZONE Channel via your mobile device.

DIRECTV Everywhere and Data Usage

The DIRECTV Everywhere package does require Web access to function properly, so users must be in either a WiFi hotspot or have their 4G data enabled to use the app. Viewers who plan to stream a great deal of content may want to ensure that they have a large or even unlimited data package to take full advantage of the DIRECTV Everywhere benefits.

How to Download and More Info