DirecTV Charged with Deceptive Advertising by FTC


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The FTC is charging Netflix with two separate cases with deceptive advertising practices.

The first, in DirecTV's promotion of discounted monthly prices, it “failed to disclose about a two year contract obligation, significant increases in the second year, and the need to cancel “free” premium movie channels.” The FTC charges that DIRCTV does not make clear enough disclosures to help what happens to pricing after the introductory rate converts to regular pricing.

In another case, the FTC says it has arranged an $8 million settlement with Allstar Marketing Group, LLC., for consumer restitution, for failing to disclose hidden fees when selling “as-seen-on-TV” products related to “buy one get one free” promotions.


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DirecTV and others have been getting away with this for years - why are they finally going after them now?