DirecTV dishonest


I was an eight year customer of a cable company when I was approached by a DTV sales rep in a Best Buy. He gave an excellent sales pitch because I finally signed up with DTV and the next week cancelled my cable service. I asked him how much the equipment and installation would cost, and he told me there would be no charge for any of the equipment or installation AND he would " throw in on demand free", just for me. Technician comes over 3 days later and installs, but tells me I need another device to access the DTV Cinema. While he was still at my house, he uses my phone to make a call and tells the person on the other line that they need to send this particular device. Three weeks later, no device. I call customer service and find out that it will cost $80. I understand it's a semi-reasonable price, but nobody told me I had to pay for this device. Not the sales rep, not the technician. I feel duped. So I am locked into a two year agreement, without G4, without H2, without NatGeo Wild, and without any On Demand service. In two years I will return to my slightly more expensive cable company. I will happily pay an extra $10 for some honest people.

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