DirecTV DVR connection to Vizio TV, Vizio Soundbar, and Samsung BluRay - DirecTV

I am trying to connect my Vizio TV to a Soundbar, as well as add in a Samsung BluRay player. I would guess that the standard option would be to connect the DVR to TV via HDMI, connect BluRay to TV via HDMI, then, since my Soundbar doesn't have HDMI port, that I would connect TV to Soundbar via Optical......However, the only time I get sound is via the DirecTV when the orange rca is connected straight from DVR to Soundbar. I cannot get any sound from the BluRay at all. I purchased a small HDMI converter box 3to1, and tried going all to it via HDMI then HDMI to TV, unplugging the orange cable, and nothing. I'm at a complete loss and I'm usually pretty adept at electronics, as I've always worked well with these issue, just not sure what to do now to get sound and video from both sources, being DirecTV and BluRay, through the Soundbar.

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