DirecTV for apartments



I just moved into an apartment complex which does not allow for a Dish to be mounted on the outside of the building. What are my options for getting DirecTV service without a dish?


I am moving into an apartment complex and had this issue as well. I asked my leasing office about potential cable providers and DirecTV was an option. My facility doesn’t allow for personal mounting of satellites but they do have shared dishes on the roof.

It might be worth asking if other tenants receive DirecTV service. My facility was very open about this, but we did ask about cable before we moved in. They might be able to tell you if the complex has a provider and share a dish, as mine does.

If there is no dish and they won’t allow you to mount one, even on the roof, then I’m not sure how you’d get DirecTV since it is satellite television. At my last residence my landlord wouldn’t allow for the dish to be mounted, so we had to go with another service provider that was cable based instead of satellite.


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I've seen dishes mounted on balconies and walls at apartments, so it is possible. Guess it depends on the contract you sign too when you get an apartment.
I've also seen them on porches. That is where ours is. I have heard of some people who have their satellite dish on a post in the ground right near their apartment or house.