DirecTV for sale?

Jason Fritz

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Is this good or bad for existing Direct TV customers? Last year we were hearing about a Direct/Dish who knows if this will pan out.

Liberty Media CEO says DirecTV sale 'possible'
By DEBORAH YAO – 8 hours ago
The chief executive of Liberty Media Corp. said Friday that a sale of DirecTV to a phone company is possible after its planned spin-off.
In an interview with The Associated Press, Greg Maffei said phone companies could have strategic reasons for buying DirecTV Group Inc., the nation's largest satellite TV operator.
Phone companies could be interested in acquiring DirecTV for the ability to offer video nationally along with Internet and phone services to better compete with cable TV operators, which have been luring customers with such "triple play" packages.
Source: The Associated Press: Liberty Media CEO says DirecTV sale 'possible'


Well, both companies have good points. I have been with DirecTV for years. But, I have been looking at switching to Dish. They have features available that DirecTV does not offer. I don't know what a combined service would look like as they both have different menus, etc.

Unfortunately, any company that has a monopoly on an area of the market has ultimate power over pricing and service. Anyway you look at it, ultimate power for any company is devastating.
I didn't know that directv was possibly for sale. I've been a subscriber for the past 4 years I like them but they are getting expensive. I can't believe how expensive it is to have cable nowadays.
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