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For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Directv Gift card Scam This is the second time I'm posting on community forum. I originally wrote to complain about not receiving the $225 WalMart Gift Card I was promised when I signed up for DirecTV via a sales rep at the Mukwonago Wisconsin WalMart. Our DirecTV service was installed back in July and I have wasted countless hours of my time on the phone with various ATT/DirecTV employees attempting to resolve my issues. At this time I won't even go into all the other errors and issues I've encountered with my ATT combined services.

A very nice ATT employee named Anna responded quickly to my post regarding my missing gift card and promised to resolve my issue. After speaking with her, I felt confident that after countless hours on the phone with various ATT employees, perhaps, finally I had the pleasure of dealing with an employee who was willing to provide the customer service for which ATT had been known for in the past. She assured me I would receive my rewards card.....and I did the other day....BUT only for $100 vs the $225 I was promised! Anna gave me her phone number and assured me I could contact her in the future with any issues. So, when I received a survey asking me to comment on her performance I left a glowing review....but perhaps I did so I have now left three messages on her phone and have not received the courtesy of a response.

I am on a mission now and determined to get what was promised to me. This past Friday, I spoke with the manager of the WalMart Store which permitted the DirecTV reps to solicit in his store. I described my situation and he was concerned enough that he promised to investigate and contact WalMart corporate headquarters if necessary. I don't think WalMart Corporate will be too happy to learn that their customers are being subjected to a bait and switch scam by DirecTV sales personnel.

thank you.

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