DIRECTV Guide causing Recording Issues - DirecTV

I have had this issue pop up a couple of times in the past week. I have some daily shows (The Five on Foxnews for example) which are new everyday, are broadcast at the same time daily and the HR54 is set to automatically record and it is not happening. Checked the Guide on HR54 and the program says First Aired: 1/25/2017. The Guide on the DIRECTV App for IPAD says the episode first aired 1/24/2017. Today is 1/26/2017. This is an issue for a program that is new every day as I have the Series Options set as follows: Episode Type: First Run, Keep at Most: All Episodes, Keep Until: Disk is full, Start: 1 min Early and Stop: On-Time.

These inconsistent/incorrect dates for multiple programs are causing them to not be recorded with the HR54 since the dates the Guide is using are old and not the current date.

I don't want to set the programs to Record all Episodes since it wouldn't take long to fill the DVR.

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