DirecTV Has Record Low Domestic Growth; Stock Stumbles


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From The Article:
In Q2, the company’s Latin American business added a net 477,000 subscribers in the quarter, up from 415,000 a year ago. But there’s an issue in the U.S., where the company added a net 26,000 subscribers in the quarter, down from 100,000 a year ago. That was DirecTV’s worst quarter ever for net adds in the U.S., falling short of of the Street consensus estimate of 57,000 net adds, according to StreetAccount.
Read More: DirecTV: With U.S. Growth At Record Low, Stock Stumbles - Eric Savitz - The Tech Trade - Forbes


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Maybe people have wised up to the "bait and switch" pricing model of Pay TV to get new customers trapped into a 2 year contract?

Or maybe we're just all broke, except for CEOs and executives that already are paying Dish, DirecTV or their cable company fifty to a hundred bucks a month, and don't care. ($100? Pocket change!)
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