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I'm speaking on behalf of the whole family on this forum...we've had a DIRECTV account since about 2002.

Our problem is barely a week old, and yet, through my own research, this has been a problem that has plagued DIRECTV users for years, even as far back as a decade or more. Recently, my mother has complained that our DIRECTV HD DVR box has been freezing and locking up: the guide freezes, the menu freezes, and worst of all, DVR recordings that were saved specifically on this box lock up, freeze, and even end prematurely. I occupy a room with a basic standard definition box, so for whatever reason, accessing shows through this HD DVR (via our whole-home connection) played just fine. It was actually helpful, for I've been using a recording device to save copies of my recorded programs and subsequently deleting them to create space.

Unfortunately, things took a turn a few days ago: my mother, finally frustrated with the box's malfunction, called for a technician to come out. The technician apparently told my mother that my specific box wasn't "connected" somehow, and that the apparent flaw in the box's playability was due to the consumption of space in our HD DVR. After the technician did his job, including "connecting" my particular satellite box, I went ahead with my recordings for the day, only to find that whatever playback problems that were affecting the HD DVR unit had now newly bled into my ability for seemless playback on my own box. The very problem which seemed to be isolated to the offending unit had now hindered my ability to save my shows moving forward.

From what the technician told my mother during his house call, his prognosis was that the problem would be fixed by freeing a minimum of 30% of space from the DVR playlist, and that the playback errors and freezes are due to the constriction of memory on the DVR box's internal hard drive. Not that I disagree with his suggestion, but the space on this unit had been well below 30% for quite some time, and such errors would have occurred well before last week if this were the definite cause. Not to mention, new space was constantly being created by my own efforts to record and delete backlogs of the most regular recordings on this box and others; we are also in possession of a DIRECTV Genie DVR that is also well below the 30% threshold that the technician spoke of, and playback of its playlist is basically flawless, bringing this claim a bit more into question for me personally. However, I will say that in the days since the technician came, the family has collectively sped up our effort to free space on this HD DVR unit, and in freeing up some space, the quality of playback improved somewhat, but not to anyone's satisfaction, and we are still quite a distance away from freeing up 30% of space. Not to mention, with the playback quality being so poor, I can't really record anything anymore to delete afterwards to make more of the necessary space on this box, which almost makes calling the technician in the first place a counterproductive move. My mother has already contacted DIRECTV again to arrange another house call, and to my displeasure, she is preparing to do the worst, and purge the entire playlist if need be to see if this is indeed the problem, or if there is something else going on that is causing this.

My honest opinion is that a possible software update on this HD DVR box earlier this week may have triggered this problem. After all, my own research shows that this issue has existed for other DIRECTV customers for YEARS, and some have even said that it occurred after a software update. Others have suggested errors with signal splitters, ethernet connections, or dish alignment: we are also in possession of an AT&T U-verse service, and there has been some Internet connection issues with the unit that may or may not have been addressed by the technician during his visit -- that may be a probable cause. In any case, I'd rather not cut off my nose to spite my face by losing the contents of the DVR playlist, which even my mother concedes may not even solve this problem. My suspicion is that this particular box may end up being replaced, which will cause us to lose everything anyway

Long story short, is there any other means, other than deleting recordings, that could provide a quick fix for the locking/freezing/playback termination issues I'm speaking of? I already know that other forum members here have complained of the same issue, and others have even complained directly to the AT&T President about this matter, but other than resetting the box, which at best works temporarily, I need to find a way to significantly remedy this problem, AND FAST. I am also looking into ways that I can back up my DIRECTV DVR playlist in the long term (which I will address in a separate thread immediately following my completion of this one), but in the short term, I would greatly appreciate anyone's input to straighten this out ASAP so that we won't have to lose everything here.

Thank you, and please hurry,

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