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On Oct 7, 2016 I called to set up a move order since we moved from Illinois to Texas. I specified that I wanted to upgrade our equipment to 4K capable. I was informed that we would also receive the remainder of 2016 NFL Sunday Ticket at no charge and also Showtime/TMC for 3 months no charge.
When the technician from MASTEC arrived on 10/17 for the install, he tested out WiFi speed and informed me that he could not install the 4K due to our WiFi speed not being adequate. After trying to get answers why from him and his supervisor, but basically being told; "That is our rule". I opted to have our existing equipment installed. MASTEC technician left cable trimmings, old connectors in all 3 rooms with DirecTV boxes.
That afternoon I received the first automated call from MASTEC stating that our installation was not complete, our account was on hold and that I needed to call to reschedule installaion. I called and spoke with someone at MASTEC and they promised it would get resolved. I continued to receinve these calls for another 9 days, each time I called and talked with someone at MASTEC who placed the blame on the local office for not closing the account properly.
Meanwhile, we did NOT and are NOT receiving NFL Sunday Ticket nor Showtime/TMC channels. I have called multiple times to DirecTV, get transferred multiple times, get told that the original orders are not shown in our account record, the problem will be resolved and we should see NFL Sunday Ticket, Showtime/TMC within a couple of hours. It never happens.
Finally this past Sunday, Oct 30, I called again in hopes of being able to watch the Broncos game. Again I was transferred multiple times until I finally was connected to Richard in Technical Support. Amazingly Richard was able to see everything in our account. Here is what Richard told me:
1) On October 7, there were two move orders written, one was cancelled, no idea why.
2) The MASTEC office did not correctly close the installation work order, thus the continued phone calls for nearly two weeks.
3) The combination of the cancelled move order on Oct 7 and MATEC not properly closing the completed install order on Oct 17, negated all the 'freebies' we should have received.
4) the only way to reinstate the 'freebies' would be to issue a new move order but since there would not be any real move or installation, it could not be done.
5) Sorry for the errors and mistakes on the part of DirecTV and MASTEC, but there is nothing that can be done. You're just out of luck.
This is extremely frustrating that I was not the problem, DirecTV and MASTEC were, yet we don't get what we were promised. Sadly, there seems to be no one that really cares about customer satisfaction and taking responsibility for errors made by DirecTV and/or their contractors.

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