DirecTV iPhone app download woes continue... - DirecTV

With the latest update of the iPhone app installed, I selected a series for download. Days earlier I had enabled "Auto Prepare." It was a farce. It would attempt to download the first (of 3) episodes. It would say "Calculating time" or "x amount of time left." It would sit like this for extended periods of time, even hours. Looking at the download queue, sometimes the blue bar would jump all the way to the end, which should mean it has completed the download. NOT! The blue bar then retreats and we're back to "Calculating time" again. This sequence continues indefinitely, hours.

In the past I've had issues with marking entire series for download. Things worked better if you just downloaded individual programs WITHOUT "Auto Prepare" enabled. Perhaps that's the issue. So I tried downloading a single program that wasn't a selected series for download and got the same thing.

My iPhone 6s is update when it comes to iOS. My HR44 DVR was just replaced, so it is just a week old. I'm connected to the same wireless network. I am absolutely mystified that such a simple task as a download can be so screwed up, and has been since the demise of GenieGo, and even that wasn't without its own set of issues.

Has anyone been able to put this download nightmare to rest? As I've said, my only success has been to NOT enable "Auto Prepare" and NEVER do the "Series Download." I may have to re-install the app and disable "Auto Prepare" until some engineer at DirecTV decides that this issue is worth looking into and resolving.

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