DIRECTV is a serious letdown! - DirecTV

I was an extremely happy U-Verse customer, who got pushed into moving to DIRECTV because U-Verse is being phased out. I don't know who at AT&T decided this was a good idea, but every part of U-Verse was amazing, and the new alternative makes me want to smash my TV everytime I try to watch it. I get so frustrated with everything from the channel lineup to the clunky interface. There is always a huge delay, and half the time the guide doesn't work at all--I just get a blank screen where the guide should be and have to screw around with it for 10 minutes to get a usable menu to even pick a show. To anyone at AT&T who is listening, if this is your new standard in TV, I'm not impressed. If DIRECTV doesn't rise to the standard of U-Verse quickly, I'm going back to Time Warner. As horrible as their customer service was, at least the interface worked and I wasn't struggling to find and watch my favorite shows. If you have U-Verse now, until they price you out, don't let them talk you into switching. Hang onto it as long as you can. I sure wish I had.

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