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I'm on satellite internet (10GB/mo limit) and need to keep program content from being accidently uploaded over the internet. My internet plan allows unlimited access between the hours of 12midnight and 5 am. Access from 5 am to midnight is metered.

1. On a number of occasions, the DVR and the Recordings Series Manager has selected content that downloads via the internet and has wiped out all my remaining internet usage for the month.

2. DirecTV equipment does not provide the necessary controls that allow the customer to selectively restrict access to the internet (DirecTV Media Share Renderer).

3. DirecTV installers and tech support have not been able to provide a solution.

Solution Found by Customer:

1. Use router that has parental controls.

2. Turn on Parental Controls and block access of DirecTV Media Share Rederer at Specific Times (5 am to 12 am midnight).

3. For example, see:

Please provide this solution to DirecTV installers and Tech Support personnel so that customers with metered internet service may have some idea how they may restrict internet access by the DVR and avert unwanted internet outages and/or charges for additional data.

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