Directv move



i'm moving from one state to another state and I don't want to lose my current programming but my wife I like to watch pay per view. Is there anyway to move my box from my current location without it updating to my new location once I hook up the Internet? I'd like to keep my local sports teams without paying for the expensive sports packages like NFL MLB etc.?


Hopefully you already found this out, you call Directv's customer service number, and tell them you need the Mover's Deal. Tell them where your moving to, pick an installation date for the new location, then, you'll pack up your boxes and leave the dish there. The installer will come out to the new place, do the wiring, install the dish, and hook up your original boxes. As for your local sports channels(Regional Sports Network or RSN) if you are moving to another part of the country, you will lose your RSN channels, but if you want to watch them, you can get the Sports Pack which will give you all the RSN's across the country along with channels like the Outdoor Channel for about $17.

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