Directv online streaming channels lots of lag - DirecTV

Every time I use the streaming option on, and I maximize the screen there is a lot of lag/buffering. What is the issue? I don't believe it's my computer because I tested with and I am getting 50Mbps download and 10 upload.. I also have a SSD hard drive, and a fresh install of windows 10 a week ago; I don't have any issues streaming on other sites so I feel this is an issue on the server side. With my hardware listed, I shouldn't have any issues on my end streaming, so if I am having issues I imagine many others are.

Are there any known issues with Windows 10 and the utility to stream the videos? Or any setting I can adjust to watch a show without it stopping every two 1-2 minutes to buffer for 5-10 seconds. Thanks!

This question, "Directv online streaming channels lots of lag," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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