Directv Out Of Home Access No Longer Working - DirecTV

I had Directv installed on Wednesday. On Thursday I was able to access my DVR Out of home, by Friday I was not able to. A little more information. I am using the Directv app for iPad, however, I get the same issue when using it for my iPhone. When I go to the "watch on my iPad" tab and go to "playlist" it searches for a DVR for about two minutes and then gives me an error that states "Out of home access is no longer working". It says I can go to settings at any time for instructions on how to set up out of home acccess. I go to settings and I see no explanation for out of home access. Calling directv customer support is useless, most of the time I can't understand them and even when I could their solution was " I will refresh your account and it will work again in an hour".

The iPad app can perfectly connect to the DVR when I am inside of my home. This error only happens when outside of the home.

My equipment. I have the Genie 54 DVR, a wireless bridge for the wireless mini's, an iPad with latest directv app, and a Fios Quantum router. My DVR is not connected directly to my router through ethernet (should it be?). However, the DVR lists as being connected to the internet and on-demand works flawlessly(does it connect directly through the wireless bridge that directv sets up?).

Thank you for any help

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