DirecTV Plans to Cut Spending, Hiring to Prepare for Any Economic Slowdown


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DirecTV, the largest U.S. satellite-TV provider, will cut back on spending in 2012 to prepare for any slowdown in the economy, CEO Michael White said...

DirecTV is considering offering channel bundles that don't include sports networks to customers looking to save money, according to Mr. White. As DirecTV's programming costs increase about 10% each year, the best way of preventing rising cable bills is to give customers more choice, including scaled-down packages with fewer channels, he said.

The second quarter was DirecTV's worst on record for U.S. customer gains, according to Bloomberg data, with only 26,000 net additions. That accelerated to 327,000 in the third quarter, after DirecTV gave a year of its NFL Sunday Ticket football package for free to customers who signed two-year contracts. Mr. White declined to say if the same promotion will be offered in 2012.

The company had about 20 million U.S. customers at the end of September, and about 16,000 employees as of the start of the year.
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DirecTV Prepares for Possible Economic Slowdown
What planet has DirecTV been living on where they have been shielded from a "POSSIBLE" economic slowdown for, what, 4 years now?

Oh, and good luck with that "no sports channels" thing. As soon as your "No Sports" package becomes popular, ESPN's clause mandating carriage of ESPN on your most popular packages will kick in.
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