DirecTV screwed me! - DirecTV

Prior to the season starting I got billed for Sunday NFL Ticket and didn't subscribe to it. So I called and asked to have it cancelled and have my money refunded. The man I talk to supposedly fixed it and said I would be refunded. During the same call I asked to change from wireless genies to wired. Well it turned out that the wired genie order was never put in the computer and I had to contact DirecTV three times before the order was fixed. I got this months bill and noticed I was again billed for Sunday NFL Ticket. So I called DirectTV and again asked to have it canceled and my money refunded. I was told that the first request was not logged into the computer and since the season had started they would not cancel Sunday NFL Ticket or refund my money. Is that a bunch of crap or what? Has this happened to anyone else? IMO, DirecTV has gone down hill since being bought by AT&T.

It would be nice if a "leader", if they have any, would fix this. But my expectations are low so I am not expecting anything to happen except me paying $300ish for something I did not ask for.