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I had to real work hard to find a forum to communicate on. I don't think AT&T really want to know what their customers think. (smile).
But I felt it was worth the time to find this forum, to inform a Company about a valuable asset they have. Today we had a Technician come in and did the most remarkable thing ever... Problem solve, repair and was professional... We kept getting 771 digits on our TV, and we notice the dish was moving around when the wind blow, before that we were unable reconnect our internet with DirecTV. The first Technician came out and said it was our Internet provider,but my computer and IPhone was receiving a signal. This next Technician came out today and trouble shoot the problem, about internet connection, by trace the wiring and found a defect in the wiring, that problem solve. The next thing he done was remove the dish and secure it, so it would not be a danger to fall down or on us... Problem solve..reset my connection and everything working beautifully.. Happy Customer and problems solve.. Thank you Mr. Hershell Harrison(Technician).


Brenda Bryant

This question, "Directv Technician," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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