DirecTv to Xfinity



I currently have Xfinity for my phone and internet, but am now leaving DirecTV and setting up Xfinity tv. I have 6 sets that are currently wired for DirecTV and have been told that the house wiring would be used to supply the signal to the STBs. However, I need to get the signal connected at the Xfinity box. All boxes and splitters are within 2 feet of each other at the back of the house. There is a directv junction with 4 cables from the dish split off to 2 cables out. Those 2 cables then run to 2 4 way splitters. 1 of them has 4 cables out to the 4 sets in the house, with the other splitter having 2 lines out to the 2 sets in the garage. My theory is that I can hook the orange coax from the pole to a 3 way splitter. From that splitter have the 1 cable out to the internet, and the other 2 would go out to the existing 4 way splitters that feed the set supply. Am I wrong?

"DirecTv to Xfinity," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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